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Altamont provides investment management services for individuals, institutions, and qualified retirement plans.  For each client, we walk through a disciplined process to determine the appropriate investment strategy.  This process includes a discussion about returns needed to achieve financial goals as well as a risk tolerance assessment. 

We stick to a set of core principles when designing client portfolios:

  • Focus on asset allocation- it drives over 90% of investment returns
  • Stick to asset allocation targets and rebalance periodically
  • Minimize volatility- with less volatility comes higher expected long term returns
  • Maximize cost efficiency
  • Be aware of tax implications and design the portfolio accordingly

Our process is unique in that we don’t charge commissions or up front loads to get invested in our strategies.  Unlike many retail brokers, we are compensated only on a percent of assets under management (often times known as “fee only” in the investment world).  Because of this “pay as you go” approach, it is in the best interest of both Altamont and the client to grow the account long term.

When it comes to implementing our investment strategies, we utilize institutional, asset class mutual funds.  These funds are low cost, style-specific investments designed to capture the risk and return characteristics of specific market segments (large U.S. Company stocks, for example).  These funds are available only to large institutional investors and a limited number of Registered Investment Advisors, including Altamont.  We use many funds from Dimensional Fund Advisors, an investment company whose beliefs line up closely with ours.  Please see the Strategic Partners section of the site for more detail on Dimensional Fund Advisors.

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